Wednesday, September 6, 2017

WIP Wednesday 9.6.17

NOW school is back in full session!  The first week was only three days... the second week was only three days... this week because of Labor Day it is four days.  Next week it is the FULL five days.  A time to quilt!  Here's what happened this week:

I loaded the Welcome Home Sampler onto the frame.  I wasn't going to quilt this quilt until next month or so after I got the customer quilts a little better under control, but I accidentally wound the wrong color thread on most of my longarm bobbins.  I don't keep a lot of bobbins for the longarm.  I try to estimate how many bobbins I will use and wind that many when I set up a quilt.  If I go over I just use that little bit left when basting the next quilt or so.  Anywho... I'm quilting the Welcome Home Sampler with the Circle Lord Baptist Fan giant template board--with the thread color that you see loaded on the machine.  It's an odd color but will compliment this quilt.  Gotta get it off those bobbins...


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  1. I look forward to seeing the full picture of this one, and a close-up of the quilting!