Sunday, September 3, 2017

Scrap Therapy Leaves

Here's a scrap therapy quilt top made by a customer.  I will be longarming it this week. 

Scrap therapy is a fun thing that our quilt guild does.  Once a month they get together and play with scraps.  It is usually lead by one of the members.  That member shows everyone involved the block pattern.  They get together and sew and play with scraps.  They work on their quilts for a month or two or three depending on how many people are doing it and how busy their lives are and how difficult the pattern is.  The quilts are ALWAYS gorgeous!  I love to see them at the monthly guild business meeting when they bring them for show and tell.  This quilt measures 85" x 97".


  1. Looking forward to seeing what pattern you use on this one!

  2. It is absolutely beautiful. What a fun group.