Friday, November 15, 2013

Friday Finish 11.15.13

I finished this little charity quilt for my local quilt guild today.  Someone donated the top.  I longarmed it and put the binding on it.  This is the first time I used jersey knit on the back.  I have a feeling that this little quilt will be soft soft soft with the polyester batting and the jersey knit.  Amazingly, the thread only broke three times on the top.  The needle never flexed.  There are no skipped stitches!  Whohoo!  This little quilt measures 41" x 56".

I quilted it with my usual Circle Lord Swirls.  Sorry if you are getting bored seeing my swirls.  I really need to add the Circle Lord Cosmos to my Christmas list!  It's just that my swirls are currently taped to my longarm table.  I have three more customer quilts to finish before I take them off of there.

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