Thursday, November 14, 2013

5-Minute Infinity Scarf

Ya gotta love Pinterest!  I decided to make a five-minute infinity scarf.  I had this thin fabric I didn't know how else I would use it.  There's a girl at my church that wears adorable scarves all the time.  The thin fabric is black with blue dots.  I'll be able to wear it with my black jeans or blue jeans.  I'm not really in to fashion, but I think it's really cute.  Oh, and did it take me five minutes?  No, it really took me ten minutes.  Follow the tutorial at Sweet C's Designs here.  Here's the original pin that I had here.    I think I might need one in flannel (and now that I think about it a nice lady gave me a lot of plaid wool too!  Cute cute!  Look how good my little helper held it for me!

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