Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Back on Easy Street

I've been seeing some awesome Easy Street quilts in blogland lately.  Instead of starting something new I am working on Easy Street this week.  I just completed all of Block A.  About five more Block B and I can call it a top!  I'm tired of moving that bin back and forth to get to my Accuquilt stip dies (which I use often).  I also need to get it done so that I can put the pulled fabrics back into my stash.  I have a feeling I'm going to need purple and green very very soon for some reason.  Here's my stash of A Blocks (all 16 of them!)

All alone these blocks don't do much for me.  But when you put this quilt together and set it on point it's AWESOME!  I'm glad I stuck to the same colors that Bonnie Hunter did this time.

OH, check out my sidebar.  Grab your Crista's Quilts button while it's hot!  I'll start cutting on that Hugs & Kisses QA as soon as I get my five Easy Street Blocks done and my Easy Street stash scraps put away.

Christa's Quilt Along


  1. That Easy Street is tempting - love how the finished quilts look ...hmmmm :)

  2. Love those blocks with the fun pieced backgrounds ;-)

    --Christa with a CH :-)

  3. Glad to see it is coming together. I just got mine back from my long arm quilters. I've started her new mystery quilt, Lazy Sunday.
    I am sure you will like your easy street.