Friday, September 2, 2011

Diamonds Chain Quiltalong Progress

Well, I love the design that Melinda did on the Diamonds Chain Quiltalong Progress.  I am very happy with the way the dye looks on my fabric.  I am also happy with my fabric selections.  BUT now I am having a little difficulty with layout.  I'll get there... I just don't have a specific direction right now.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.  Right now I have 23 blocks.  All of them are the same and look like this:
Here it is on the dyed fabric (pardon the wrinkles):

I wanted the layout to look like the negative space quilt here:

But when I do that it kinda looks like this and just doesn't look right.  (Don't mind the paisley color in the bottom right, that's the quilt on the bed now.)  I am also down to less than two yards of the dyed green, but I am willing to try to dye more.
I also didn't pay attention to how the white bars on the blocks should go.  I made all of them exactly the same.  I could either make more or rip some of these out to turn them to make corners.  I am down to less than two yards left of the dyed green fabric (I dyed SEVEN yards!!!)  I lost some to experimental blocks to other colors, but not that much.  I am willing to try to dye more.  I think it will match because I like the little variations here and there.

Tilda's Twisted Life

I could do the layout in strips with stripes of fabric between each row:

I think the spaces are too big and I'm not sure what color to use yet...  It will work itself out.  I still just LOVE the block!

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  1. Okay, I'm playing with an idea on my quilt software but I will probably have to post it or put it in flickr. Also, my version is straight up and down so you'll have to imagine it tilted!

  2. I did a whole post for today Kathy! I don't know if it will help or not but maybe it will throw some ideas out there! I was trying to keep you from having to create new fabric.