Monday, March 23, 2015

Pluto the Rooster

Pluto is my new rooster that I got this weekend.  He is not afraid to pose for the camera.  Here he is this morning.  Today I fed him bread by hand.  It was so sweet that he would gently take it from my hand and drop it on the ground to where his three "ladies" were waiting.  He would make sure they had bread before he ate his.  What a kind gentleman.  Pluto already had his name when we got him.  He is a lavender Ameraucana.  The three pullets that I got with him lay gorgeous light green eggs.  He does crow, but is quite quiet compared to the F1 Olive Egger that I got.

Wiggles (named by our almost eight-year-old son) is not so quiet.  My son likes the singing group, The Wiggles, from Australia.  That's where his name comes from.  Pluto is the boss.  Wiggles knows it.  Wiggles is a F1 (first generation) Olive Egger.  Can't wait to see what happens when I breed him to the other girls.  He did come with a pullet to make a pair.  She is still small.  I don't think she lays eggs yet.  She is very sweet.  Her name is Raven.


  1. Pluto certainly is a handsome guy! Nice to know he doesn't attack you! Can't wait to see those olive eggs!

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