Saturday, March 21, 2015

New Chickens to the Flock!!! 3.21.15

I'm soooo excited to introduce some new chickens to our flock.  We brought them home today.
Pluto (the rooster) is gorgeous!  He is a lavender roo.  These are not Easter Eggers.  They are pure Ameraucanas.  Just look at his long, flowing feathers.

Here's the three of his girls:

image 1

I also got a pair of F1 Olive eggers  (pullet & cockerel).  I guess it's mixed with an Easter Egger and a Black Copper Maran.  It will be interesting to see what color eggs their babies will have???  Dark, bright blue... dark chocolate?  Can't wait can't wait! 

This is the color of the eggs from the lavender Ameraucanas!  Sooooo eggciting!!!  I'm not sure if I'm officially allowed to advertise them as that breed since I'm not sure if they are not a recognized breed yet?  I'm not sure how that really works.

The plan is to let them get adjusted to the rest of the flock through the fence for two to four weeks.  Then we'll let them breed.  Then I'll figure out who my good brood hen is.  Hopefully by June/July we'll have some cute little chicks.  My son and sister-in-law are very excited about the process.  Here's "Aunt Jo" holding the one rooster in the front seat of the truck on the way home.  He was so gentle!  He's being a little loud and crowing right now.  I'm hoping for my husband's sake that he calms down soon.

 Here's me with one of last year's chicks on roosting on my back while I was working on the coop.
Now those are some good lookin' chickens!  And don't you like my "boots" planter


  1. What a great picture of you Kathy! Beautiful chickens too!! Love those green eggs, so fun!

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