Sunday, July 6, 2014

Keeping the Chickens Straight

I feel I have reason to keep my chickens "sorted" so that I can remember who is who when they are all full grown.  I have been shopping online for leg markers.  Duh?  Why didn't I think of colored zip ties?  My husband buys them by the 100 pack and they are perfect.  For my records ('cause I forget stuff like this), here's how they are marked:

Yellow = the four chicks I raised as babies
Blue = two chicks from my friend that moved that are about a month older than my chicks
Pink = tried as a brood hen and didn't work
None = Original chickens from my friend

See the green dots on the chicken in the pic above?  Yep, BINGO dabber.  I needed a quick way to mark a chicken when she is sitting on the nest before I shoo her out to move her nesting box and make her a brood chicken.  Funny, huh?  Then I try her as a brood hen.  If it doesn't work out I give her a pink band and wait until I think another one is brooding.

Above is "brownie".  This is one of my original babies.  Awwwww.  They are quite friendly.  I'm kinda bummed that the others are still picking on them and they get the last of the scraps.  That's pecking order...

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  1. Fun, I love hearing about how the chickens are doing.