Saturday, September 14, 2013

Surround Stars -- Now that's better!

I couldn't look at my Surround Stars quilt anymore I had to fix that little block.  It just wasn't right.  My take on modern wasn't working.  Here's the way it is NOW.

This is the way it looked before I fixed it.  That little block just keeps looking at me like one eye...

The little block will end up on the back somewhere.  I'm not making this quilt any bigger.  It will have green binding.  I really like the photo at the top.  It makes me happy.  Check out the other quilts at the Happy Quilting flickr group.

For the Star Surround pattern, go to Melissa's blog Happy Quilting.

Speaking of stars, have you seen the contest at Alycia Quilts?

Submit five stars and stripes blocks (or choose the blue and yellow log cabin block) for each entry for the prizes.  Check it out!


  1. I like to too and I agree, the little block would have bothered me.

  2. The two green blocks are fantastic! The different color makes it modern while still being balanced in scale. Nice fix :-)