Tuesday, September 4, 2012

September Goals for Just 3 with traceyjay quilts

August was such a success to complete my Just 3 goals.  In this Challenge you pick three quilting things you want to finish by the end of the month.  Then you link up with traceyjay quilts the first week of the following month and show your progress.    You can see my completed three August goals on Sunday's post to my blog here.

Here's my September goals to link up with traceyjay quilts for the Just 3 Challenge.

September #1
Turn this Pile O Fabric into a OSU baby quilt using the Totally Groovy QA pattern.  Notice that I didn't put my copy of the pattern with the quilt?  That's because I can't find it right now.  Arrrgh!  It is supposed to look something like this:
Totally Groovy Quilt Along at Pile O' Fabric
September #2
Finish my Tetris QA done with Melissa's blog here. .  It needs a back made and it needs to be quilted.  (Yes, I need to finish TWO quilts for this challenge.)  Oh dear!  Right now it looks like this:
September #3
Finish the three Holiday Quilt blocks for my local quilt guild.  Each few months a new theme comes out for a quilt with my local quilt guild.  The person that won the previous quilt sets the theme.  This quilt's theme is Christmas Trees and Presents.  The pattern is provided.  Some of the fabric is provided (in this case the bows for presents and trunks for trees and the backgrounds).  Now I need to make these in to blocks.  The names of the block makers go in to a hat when all of the blocks are submitted by a certain date.  The person that set the theme puts all the blocks together into a quilt top.  The winner of the drawing wins the quilt top and then sets the theme and provides some fabric for the next challenge quilt.  Here's what my little pile of fabric and instructions look like now:
September #3 goal is kinda small considering I have two quilt tops to finish this month.
Link up now at traceyjay quilts.  You never know what you will accomplish!