Friday, September 21, 2012

September FMQ Challenge and FNSI Plan


Here's the square I did with the SewCalGal 2012 FMQ Challenge.  This month's challenge was led by Paula Reid.  I used the Fluff 'n stuff method more on my Tetris quilt than I did on this month.  This month's quilt is small enough to easily move around the sewing needle.  I chose to do a car to match the stencil provided by Paula Reid.  Here's my car:
As for the FNSI (Friday Night Sew In) I plan on working on two modern minis that I have to get out by next week.  I just need to add borders to each.  One has many many many pieces in it.  The other will probably be a simple border.  Regardless, I am hoping they are done by this weekend!
Handmade by Heidi
I'm not sure how to show a pic of my progress on the mini's without spoiling it for anybody.  I'll probably just zoom in and do sneak peeks.  Happy sewing everybody!

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