Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Quilts in our Room

I recently moved a large piece of furniture out of our bedroom.  My husband said that we needed another quilt hanging in there.  I moved this quilt to a new wall.  This quilt pattern is called Homestead Harvest.  It is in the book Simple Appeal by Kim Diehl.  I just LOVE Kim's patterns! I finished it on September 1, 2017.

I added this quilt to where the large piece of furniture was.  It's helping to cover where the old wall paper came off and a few unhappy blemishes in the drywall.  I really like looking at it this way. :)  It is Welcome Home Sampler (pattern by Cheryl Wahl) Finished 9.15.17    62" x 69".

My plan is to sneak a treadmill or my elliptical machine here when the weather gets bad.  We'll see.  My new elliptical machine has not been used very much since I got it. :(
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I'm not sure if this video of our son "flossing" will play.  He's so fun.  He brings a beautiful energy to every place.


  1. Love both of your quilts! Kim Diehl is one of my all time favorite designers and I also like the rich colors you chose. I haven't done a Cheryl Wall quilt, but have it on my to do list. Great wall quilts!

  2. Quilts are perfect for decorating with and I'm glad you found a good place to display them.