Friday, June 22, 2018

An Unquilty Friday Finish This Week

This week I have an unquilty Friday Finish to share.  My little garden is finally planted.  It's not as big as the years past.  There is a very obese groundhog eyeing everything.  Haven't seen her out for a few days.  I'm thinking she may be with her young...  Grrrrr.

Check out all the orange circles made with marker paint.  LOL.  It's where I planted seeds that will grow into vines such as watermelon, pumpkins, squashes, cukes...  The rectangle is a little patch of leftover seeds for Swiss Chard.  The two sticks mark rows of corn and beans.  There's also a row of beets to grow behind the Swiss Chard.  The cut up, old tv antennae pieces make nice tomatoe cages.  There's two pepper plants...  The little clump of green towards the back are birdhouse gourd volunteer plants.  My garden planting selection has changed drastically from the years past because I have been on an anti-inflammatory diet for almost a year now.  It has helped my health TREMENDIOUSLY!

I'll till everywhere that isn't marked next week when it's a little dryer.  My garden got a late start this year due to the fact that Ohio had snow through late April.  I was always taught to not rush planting the garden in the early spring.  It's not a race to see who can have the biggest plants.  My dad said the ground has to be warm for tomatoes to grow.

Here's an update on my two mama ducks...  They started out with four eggs and only one duck wanted to be a mama.  Now both are broody and sitting on the eggs.  They seem to spat from time to time.  They have four eggs left.  Hopefully they will hatch something next week or so at this time.  I'm not sure of the exact day for the hatch.  They seem to have built up the next very high.  Hopefully to protect the remaining eggs.  Honestly, I didn't want eight baby ducks and would have had to re-home some of them.  The mamas only leave the nest for about 20 - 30 minutes to take a quick dip in the pool.  They seem to know what they need regarding keeping the right humidity of the nest for the hatch.  We'll see.


  1. We don't always have quilty days, do we? Best of luck on a fruitful harvest!! Now, we wait...

  2. wow, wonderful garden. good luck, hope the groundhog finds a new home! I al interested in the anti-inflammatory diet if you don't mind sharing. I have RA and can't take any of the "Ibu's", makes me sick. :( Thanks!

  3. That's a big garden!!! Those pesky critters are such a pain in the neck. Hope he doesn't do too much damage.