Saturday, May 26, 2018

School's Out for Summer!

We are so happy that school was out before Memorial Day this year.  Today is our first day of summer vacation.  We put up the pool like we did last year.  It's in the mid 70's today.  Water temperature ranged from 58 degrees F to 61 degrees F.  Our little (almost 11-year old) fish didn't care.  He kept yelling, "I'm having fun!"

This is the last year for the turtle...  It has a slow leak.
Look at that sky!


LOVE that smile!  It says a million words.


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  1. OM gosh, your son is adorable! What a great idea for the "carpet" to go under the pool? no grass and dirt in the pool Genius! Wherever did you get it??? I have never seen that before and I live in Fl.