Tuesday, May 29, 2018

...and just like that he's so grown up...

He's not even 11 yet, (almost).  Just look at him.  ...just like that he's so grown up.  This summer I have a special "lesson plan" for him.  Each day (5 times per week) I have plans to teach him one hour of math, one hour of reading/writing, and one hour of life skills.  Sometimes he doesn't even know that he's part of "mommy school".  He's having fun with our own book club.  We both have the same book and we read them together.  Today's life skill was learning how to use his own weed eater.  It was all good until he ran out of weed eater string. 

I really need a day to tackle those weeds in the flower bed behind him.  His pool is near.  Maybe I could combine my lifeguard session with some weeding time.  It's supposed to rain the next three days.  Hopefully I'll get to longarm some customer quilts.    One of Owen's lessons is going to be to sew on a button by hand.  Another lesson will be to play with putting squares together with his own sewing machine.  He'll love that.  I haven't taught him to thread it yet.
We are also participating in the kids bowl free program again this summer.  He can bowl two games for free five days a week.  He LOVES it!


  1. It sounds like an ambitious and fun summer for both of you. It will be back to school time before you know it.

  2. Hooray for "Mom School"!!! You see O every day. Just think how surprised I was to see him looking so grown up!!!

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