Monday, November 28, 2016

On the Frame -- Customer's Purple Quilt

On the frame today is a customer's purple quilt.  The quilt was started by someone that passed away.  Then another relative finished all the blocks.  One of my friends helped her finish the borders and asked me to quilt it.  I will hand it back to my friend for binding.  Then it will become a Christmas gift to someone that was near and dear to the one who passed.  I'm happy to help a family treasure become a well-appreciated gift.

Here's the purple / batiks (I think it was a jelly roll) quilt.  It was very nicely sewn with nice, straight seams.

I'm quilting it with Circle Lord's giant Swirls board.  I found the perfect light lavender thread.  I'm also happy to report that my longarm is back, up, and running great after the recent service repair travel to Iowa.  Thank you, Nolting, for making a great product and providing great service!!!

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