Saturday, November 12, 2016

2.5" Pinwheels

Tiny pinwheels are being made for my scrappy blues Quilt Doodle Designs BOM.  Can you believe that I finally ran out of a certain fabric?  Yes, that white background is gone.  Off to find another WOW scrap(s) so that I can make some more.  I worked on these blues during the "blue" months this year.  Time to get the last BOM part finished.

These little things are only 2.5" (2" finished in the quilt!)  Luckily I have some help!
Quilt Doodle Designs
Linking up with the RSC16 at SoScrappy.
RSC 15
I've been using up those scraps!  Here's some of my other scrappy blue blocks for this BOM:
I'll be putting all eyes and things on after the quilting is finished!  The santas look silly without faces right now.


  1. Santas?! I thought they were Snowmen (with now faces.) Lots of lovely BLUE projects on the go!!

  2. Your quilt is going to be gorgeous!

  3. Loving the blues!!! The row by row is going to be wonderful.

  4. Charming blocks, perfect winter memories.

  5. I was thinking snowmen too! Might be the blue.. but I do love blue at Christmas.