Sunday, October 16, 2016

Finish Along 2016 -Q4 Goals

It's time to set my Q4 goals for Finish Along 2016.  I've decided to make a short list, as the 7 projects below probably won't all get done.  I also have several customer quilts and guild project quilts that need completed soon.  I'm linking up with Leanne at She Can Quilt.
1.  This Hunter's Star quilt is still on my longarm frame.  It needs to get DONE!  It's a charity quilt for my local quilt guild.  It's also my OMG goal for October.  Chop, chop.
2.  I'd love to finish my Celtic Solstice quilt.  The problem is that I am doing an enormous pieced back for it.  The back is so busy I don't know if my husband will be able to sleep under it.  LOL.  Good, maybe he'll stop stealing my part of the blanket.
3.  Finish December 2014 Block Lotto Big O blocks that I won 12.31.14!  The quilt has been put together as a top.  The back has been made (one fabric).  It needs to be longarmed and a binding.

4.  Finish Bonnie Hunter 2015 Mystery quilt, Allietare!  (Top is complete.)  It needs a back.  I need to find just he perfect backing for it.

5.  Finish Sew Sweet Simplicity (Customer Quilt) for Maxine.  The blocks are made and need to be put together and then longarmed and bound.  (I also need to find the blocks that I inherited.  Her things still need to be sorted. :(  )

Here's one of the beautiful blocks.  I need to do something special for each center.   
6.  Complete this Country Roads Mini.  It was a mystery at Humble Quilts for 2015.

7.  I doubt if I'll have time, but I'm going to throw this quilt in with my Q3 goals too.  These are blocks that I won in the Block Lotto.  All of the blocks made it home by February, 2015.


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