Sunday, September 4, 2016

Slow Sunday Stitching

 I am working on the Welcome Home Sampler Quilt in the book Welcome Home ~~ Surround Yourself with Country Warmth, by Cheryl Wall. 

The block I am working on now is a tree (like a willow tree) with long, hanging branches.  Leaves will eventually go on the tree.  The curves are giving me a little trouble, but I'll get there...  It's a learning process.  I'm going to love this quilt regardless of its imperfections.  It's going to look great on our bedroom wall.  Here's the tree block:

Here are the other two blocks that I completed earlier this year:

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  1. Your willow tree will be awesome. I prefer to work on primitive handwork projects because the imperfections are part of the technique. This is going to be a fantastic quilt that you will love! :0)

  2. Your unique curves just add extra personality to your project!

  3. Your willow tree is going to look great placed on top of those plaids Happy slow stitching

  4. These blocks are looking great! Love the tree :*)

  5. That is going to be a cozy feeling wall hanging. Looking forward to seeing your progress in the coming weeks!