Sunday, September 25, 2016

Slow Stitching Willow Tree

I know it's called slow stitching for a reason, but I wasn't aware that I made so much progress on this block (at least I think so) since my last post.

Here it was the last time I posted about it:

Here it is now with all but the branch on the write slow stitched down!  Whohoo!

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  1. I like that primitive looking willow. You definitely made some progress.

  2. I like the scrappy background too.

  3. Your primitive willow looks great on the patchwork background! Great progress

  4. Lots of progress and a very nice looking willow! Reminds me of the tree in the back yard that I grew up in.

  5. I Love the shirtings & the willow tree..I'm a prim Girl too.