Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Working on the Coop

Here's a picture of Wiggles (the Easter Egger rooster) a little over a week ago.  Check out all those weeds in the background!  You can't even see the coop that I have been building inside that dog kennel.

Whew... now that's better.  I pulled and pulled these weeds!  Now I can show off the new coop that I built.  I have been telling my husband that I can build a coop from things I got FREE on Craigslist.  Three buildings that I had to move later and I now have this:

My clematis is starting to bloom!!! :)

And here are two of the happy new residents.  I also made this perch/stand that is easy to clean.  It is also made from vintage billboards from a shed that I got free on Craigslist (the people tore down the shed and offered the wood for free.)  The happy residents also seem to like their floral privacy curtains that cover their community egg nest made from a drawer that I found along the road.


This next picture still shows more weeds off to the side.  I am intentionally leaving those there because the chickens need someplace to hide on a regular basis.  Yesterday I had a chicken hawk attack when I was getting water.  The chicken hawk swooped down and tried to grab one of my little light colored pullets (like the one in the pic above.)  Luckily the pullet ran into the weeds and the chicken hawk did not have enough time to look for it because I was right there.  So the weeds are staying!

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