Friday, May 22, 2015

Quilty Door Prize Game -- Friday Finish

Here's an unusual Friday finish for me.  I was "nominated" to work on the door prize game.  A set of cards were given to me with little quilty verses on them.  I tweeked the words, but the idea was came from another quilt guild. 

I used different colored paper for each verse.  But the fun quilty part is that I sewed each clue to the colored paper with a decorative stitch.  I like the way they turned out.

Here's some of the detail of the decretive trims.

I'm glad it was only 20 sets.  That was a lot of cutting paper, measuring, and folding.  The sewing wasn't bad.  That was the fun part.

Here's what they said:

Welcome fellow quilters with a friendly greeting.
We're glad you're at this meeting.
To inspire each other to make our guild stronger.
Pass this envelope to whoever has been quilting longer.

There's always something new to learn.
For better quilting skills we all yearn.
Improvements are quite enjoyable tasks.
Pass his envelope to the one who took the last class.

Some of us prefer to quilt by hand.
But quilting by machine is not to be banned.
We're hoping for stitches almost too small to be seen.
Pass this envelope to whoever has the most machines.

This group is an example of creativity that never ends.
We gain not only skills, but also new friends.
It's through quilting and chatting that creativity flows.
Who has the most UFO's?

We're so glad you're here to share the day.
We wish you a safe trip home today.
Our game is almost over.
You are close, but not quite.
The winner is the person to your right!

I'm linking up with Richard and Tanya for Link-A-Finish Friday.  Check out their blog here.


  1. So pretty! It looks really clever ... can you say more about how the game works?

    1. Yes, Sophie. Each table has a center piece (in our case, it's a lovely live plant.) Each center piece has a nesting of cards in it (orange envelopes above.) We are doing this at the Spring Tea this weekend that our guild is having. There are 20 tables. Most of the tables will have 8 people. Our guild president will welcome everyone to the Tea. She will then tell them to select someone at the table to open and read the first note in the pack. This is a nice little ice breaker so that the guests can get to know each other. The versus are written in my post (above) what each card says. The last person (well, the person to the right of the last person) gets to take the center piece home with him/her as a door prize.

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