Saturday, May 30, 2015

Meet the new chicks!

Although I love to quilt, there are other things on my agenda.  I love my chickens as well.  I have raised chickens for one year now.  Last week we successfully hatched seven new chicks using a brood hen.  Meet the new chicks:

I still can't believe that I got them to all sit in the egg carton long enough for the photo.  They are one and two days old in this photo.

Now here are some pics for my reference.  These rooster to these chicks was sadly killed defending the flock against a red fox the same morning that the first three hatched.  He was a Lavender Ameraucana.  The hens to these chicks are Orpingtons and Red Sex Links.  I can't wait to see what colors their feathers will be and in what pattern!

There are seven chicks.  It looks like I only got one individual photo of the chick below.  There are two chicks that are very identical in feathering.

One week later I tried to get just ONE chick to sit in the egg carton for a photo... No luck at all.  That's okay.  That means that they are super healthy and spunky.


  1. Congrats! Baby chicks and ducks are some of the cutest critters on earth! Sorry about your rooster! That is so aggravating having a predator like that! I am impressed you were able to get all the chicks in the carton as well! I am getting ready to sell my home so I can get a place out in the country so I can have as many chickens as I want!

  2. They are just so cute. What a great photo of all the chicks in the carton. Sorry that your rooster didn't survive.

  3. OMG I love them....cant wait to see them grow!

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