Monday, May 2, 2011

Mystery Quilt Monday

Here's where my mystery quilt is right now.  As usual, I am not following the instructions exactly.  The blocks are supposed to be 8" square.  I was using the really old sewing machine and I didn't have the 1/4" eyeballed correctly.  So my squares ended up at 7" square.  (I'm okay with that... I just made more squares and more rows.)  My quilt will be a little bigger.  This weeks instructions was to just sew the rows together.  Looks like I still have another week to figure out what 2" strips I need to cut (I assume it will be for sashing, but you never know with a mystery quilt.)  I think I may go with a plaid flannel of some sort.  The original was supposed to be six blocks across and eight rows down.  This is seven blocks across and ten rows down.  Our bed is huge.  We always need an extra seat on the bleachers.  This size will still be perfect no matter how the mystery ends.  Come back next week to see what happens next.

This weekend I also decided to put my quilting projects on a spreadsheet.  (I am so spreadsheet oriented.)  Well, if I count my new projects from the quilt guild along with the Block Lotto and the Block Swap Adventure blocks for the rest of the year, I have THIRTY-ONE quilting projects!  Whew!!!  I guess this addiction just snowballed on me.  School will be out on 5/25.  I don't know what summer will bring.  I just need to keep things in perspective and remember that this is a hobby.  I guess I better get off here and start sewing.  Happy quilting.

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  1. The mystery quilt is really turning out nicely!
    Yes, this can be an all-consuming hobby! Just remember that it can wait and your children can't. :o)