Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Supernova Colors

I'm still pondering on color choices for the Supernova quilt along.  All of my blocks have been cut.  I have a feeling once I see the layout on Thursday that I will be getting my rotary cutters out again.  Hopfully the beginners quilting class I plan to take this summer at the local quilt shop will address my color blindness needs. 
This isn't exactly how the block will look, but it gives me an idea of what I will need to change.  Hopefully the Supernova block will take away from the fact that I have chosen "McDonalds" colors.  LOL.

But I do have to say that I LOVE "my" picnic ants.  I have looked at this fabric every single time I have gone in to the store and could never figure out what I would do with it.  Well, I needed at least 1/8 yard for this project... I bought 5 3/4 yards because it was all that was left.

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