Thursday, March 24, 2011

Supernova Block Colors

Today I was so excited to start Lee's Supernova quilt along!  I worked midnights and knew I would be one of the first to see her cutting instructions post... so I thought.  I waited and waited and waited.  I was bummed that I had to take my son to an appointment at 9am and didn't get to see the instructions.  You see, I left my computer on so that I could keep on line.  Had I only hit the refresh button I would have seen it.  Oh well.  I got the instructions so that I could read them while in the waiting room while my son was it his appointment.  I cut 3" strips and played with fabric almost all day while he was in school.  I'm a happy girl!

Here's some of my color ideas.  I'm not even close to making a final decision, but I am pretty happy with using my reds, by adding some blacks and  yellows. 

I don't think I like the way the yellows are in the 4th one.  I need to sleep on this and look at them tomorrow.


  1. I'm loving them! Hmm... Now I am getting an idea for your Block Swap Adventure block!