Tuesday, January 3, 2017

January Block Lotto 2017

Have you ever tried your luck at the Block Lotto?  It's a fun way to learn new skills, use up those scraps, meet new quilters, and possibly win blocks.  Sophie, of Sophie Junction come up with beautiful blocks and color schemes for the month.  We make blocks sometimes up to nine.  Each block is an entry into the "lotto" for that month.  At the end of the month someone does a random draw.  If you win, others mail their blocks to you.  If you don't, you mail your blocks to the winner(s).  It rocks!

Here are heart blocks for the January Block Lotto.  The skill learned was to use "made" fabric.

Hopefully you will be seeing some of my FINISHED Block Lotto quilts this year.  I have Big O blocks, Split Star blocks, and African Violets (that were the wrong size but I kept), and some blocks from the Mod, Mod QA quilts on my WIP list for 2017.  I also won the dud blocks a while back.  I LOVE those blocks.  Many of them are being used on the back of my Celtic Solstice which is planned as a finish in April, 2017.  Here are some that I have finished in the past:

Tall Fly Table Runner, finished 8/4/15

Tall Geese, finished 12/7/13

Pineapple Blossom (a Bonnie Hunter design), finished 5/7/12

Eclipse, finished 3/6/12 -- one of my personal favorites that is always on the couch (if it's not taken)


  1. Thanks for sharing your Block Lotto experience. I've never made much effort to promote it--word of mouth has sustained us for many years.

  2. Your hearts are really pretty. I'm looking forward to making some of them this month. Sophie does such a great job with the Block Lotto.