Monday, August 15, 2016

Another on the Frame (and Off!)

Knocking them off one by one for the guild... here's another twin-sized quilt on the frame.  This one is about 53" by 80" or so.  It is HST's to form a diamond and four patches.

I'm quilting it with giant free-hand stipples.  It should be done in no time.

I'm happy to report that I finished quilting this quilt and have passed it on to another guild member (Sherri) for binding.  This is going to be a sweet charity quilt for someone!

These last two photos I must have had moisture on the camera lens.  They are not dull in the middle.



  1. Kicking butt with that stippling! Nice!

  2. Kicking butt with that stippling! Nice!

  3. Pretty quilt, and nice work on the quilting! Wendy at

  4. I like that your group does quilts together. This is a nice one

  5. That's a great pattern and quilt - and stippling is wonderful.