Sunday, May 22, 2016

This Should BEE Interesting

Here's my new adventure -- BEES!  I found this honey bee cluster on my way to feed the chickens.  They are in the crab apple tree that I planted in memory of my dad.  I posted a picture on facebook.  A friend quickly messaged me saying that she has all of the stuff for a bee hive but doesn't have the funds or space to do the hobby (her husband is a bee keeper.)  She is going to bring the box to me at church today.  I'm going to offer that her husband can just come over and enjoy his hobby at our house.  It think it would be a great co-op venture.  They live just a few miles into town.  I think our son would LOVE to play with her sons and visit when them come.  Can't wait to see where this leads.

When I started quilting I was making a decision between quilting, chickens, or bees.  Hmmm.  Looks like another hobby is coming to light and I will be doing all three in my life.  Good things come to those who wait.  I waited for what seemed forever to find the man of my dreams (my husband who is also my best friend) and to have a family (our always entertaining son.)  What is my next thing I want to try -- living a healthier lifestyle and losing weight to fit into my old clothes.  I have a long way to go on this.  But with God, all things are possible.


  1. Sounds like a very full an interesting life to me ... good luck with the bees!

  2. Look what He's already done for you? He's brought you all the things you wanted. He truly delights in our joy and happiness, and he's in the details of our lives! Bees are a little scary to me, but maybe that's because they decided to next under my siding one year! =)