Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Today's the Day 1-16-13

Today was a big quilting day for me.  My Nolting 23" arrived.  I'm very excited.  I need ALOT of practice; that goes with the territory.  I look forward to this new part of my life.  Here's my baby:

My goal is to "keep her dressed".  Hopefully I'll be showing you some finishes in the next month or so.  Looks like I will only get to play with it one day (tomorrow) and then have about four days off due to the long holiday weekend.  Oh well... it's not going anywhere.  Whee!
The above pictures show my longarm which is located in the "new" house that my husband and I have been building (all by ourselves) since 1998.  It's a pay-as-we-go project that I don't expect to be finished until about 2018 or so.  I'm very content in the house we are living in on the same property. 
Here's my sewing area in the "old" house in which we live.  Yes, it's messy, but it's mine.  Lots of pretty things come from here.  It's also my work-from-home-job area and my computer area.