Thursday, October 18, 2012

GO OSU Bucks! -- Totally Groovy QA

I love the way my Totally Groovy quilt turned out!  This QA was held at Pile O Fabric . com  I have a feeling I will be doing more quilts like this once I give it to my niece and her family.  They are HUGE Ohio State fans, hence the scarlet, greys and white.  She just had baby #2 last month.  Check it out:

GO Ohio State Buckeyes!
For the back I will add the baby's name in block letters on a bright green football field with white lines and football.  I think with the green backing that I selected that straight line quilting will be best.  We'll see what that brings... hopefully soon.
Pile O' fabric
What a great job on the Groove pattern from Carolina Patchworks!

Groove Quilt Pattern


  1. I just love it!! Can I still get the pattern for that one??

  2. Yes, you can still get the pattern for it. I know you can order it through Emily Cier's Etsy shop. (Emily designed the Groove patern). Beware... you may see a couple other patterns that you might like while you are there. I love Circular Reasoning too. Here's the link to her shop:

  3. Great quilt!
    I haven't finished piecing mine yet - I look forward to seeing how your quilt yours!!

  4. I love the OSU colors, I have several friends that would love also. I hope you do not mind I am going to pin for them to see.

    1. Heavens yes! I have been pinned! Whohoo. I think this is my first pin. Thanks, Amy. :)