Saturday, August 25, 2012

Tetris QA Quilt Top

Here's the six quilt blocks for the Tetris QA all put together.  Yes, I messed up on the last block (the 42 blocks in the top right corner).  If I wouldn't tell you, you probably wouldn't know unless you are totally into Tetris.  I was going to undo it and make it right, but the person receiving this quilt has no clue what Tetris is.  I had three blocks (one pink and two light blue) left over from block 5.  I fogot that they should be in the first row of block 6.  I didn't feel like unpicking about 36 blocks to make it correct.  I think it looks fine as it is.  I'm okay with it.  Live and learn.  I really do like the looks of this.  It was a great scrap buster.  Hopefully by next week at this time I will have made a border decision and I can start sewing my borders.  As Melissa would say, "Happy Quilting!".

After thought... I am sooooo glad I didn't rip all this out to fix the three pieces.  My husband looked at it and said it was "pretty".  He said I should have broke the blocks up more.  LOL.  Then I explained Tetris and how it worked and how I was constantly attached to my Gameboy... To make a long story short, it's not going to matter.  I'm still happy with this quilt.  The blocks probably cost me $1.50 to make this quilt top.  (These fabrics were part of the huge garage sale find that I got this summer.)

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